Send the Very Best Abandoned Cart Emails With Engine Mail

Posted on January 25, 2019

Abandoned carts are a reality every e-commerce store faces. However, understanding the best practices around deploying abandoned cart emails makes this reality far less daunting.

If you’re well informed, there’s no reason to waste time fretting over the potentially lost revenue that comes with an abandoned cart. Focusing instead on what abandoned cart emails can do as a recovery tool is a great stress reliever for any e-commerce store.

Consumers will return to an abandoned cart

While there’s no denying a majority of carts are eventually abandoned, it’s essential to understand that doesn’t mean all is lost. Three-fourths of shoppers reportedly intend on returning to an abandoned cart.

This is why adding abandoned cart automation emails can have an immediate and significant impact on your business. Clearly, consumers aren’t at all opposed to closing that sale, so a little reminder can go a long way.

Abandoned cart email series

Similar to welcome emails, abandoned cart emails should be sent in a series over the course of a few days. The idea is to steadily incentivize action until the sale is made. The primary focus for content within abandoned cart emails should be placed on the product image and the price while increasing incentives as necessary.

Here’s the suggested series pattern to follow:

  • Email 1: Send the first abandoned cart reminder email three hours after the event. This should be a reminder phrased in a way that simply asks, “Did you leave something behind?”
  • Email 2: A second reminder should be sent 24 hours after the initial email. Some consideration to providing a discount or other incentive to buying should at least be considered at this stage.
  • Email 3: This final email, 24 hours after Email 2, should definitely be sent with a discount included. It’s at this time anything you deem acceptable to incentivize completing the purchase (e.g. free shipping) is worth considering.

What to avoid with abandoned cart emails

One of the most common mistakes with abandoned cart emails is providing a link that does not lead to the product itself. It’s common to send an email that leads to the “/cart” of the customer. This makes sense in theory, but this can potentially be a costly mistake.

Why? Because it’s increasingly common to use multiple devices to complete e-commerce purchases.

For example, let’s say a customer used a laptop to initiate adding an item to their cart. But they don’t typically use that laptop to check their email. Instead, they use their smartphone to not only check their inbox but also complete any actions that are prompted via those emails. The link for the “/cart” is likely to show an empty cart on a different device than the one in which the add-to-cart was initiated. Instead, sending a customer to the product page eliminates any potential confusion and creates less likelihood for friction in the path to recovering an abandoned cart sale.

How Engine Mail can help

Engine Mail was created with the best practices for abandoned cart emails — and every other aspect of email automation — as a top priority. This product was built by e-commerce veterans with 25 years of experience. The best email marketing practices they’ve learned during those years are all ingrained into this email platform.

The desire was to build an easy-to-use email automation system designed specifically for e-commerce businesses that are serious about accelerating growth. That desire has become a reality with Engine Mail.

Set up a call with us by clicking here or reaching out via email. Even with just a 15-minute call, we’ll provide value to your business regardless of whether or not you end up working with us.