All About Headless Commerce with Isaiah Bollinger of Trellis Commerce

Posted on December 30, 2019

Content Plus Commerce

Host: Blake Puryear Guest: Isaiah Bollinger

On this episode Blake is joined by Isaiah of Trellis Commerce
[00:01:01] – Background of Trellis Commerce
[00:09:25] – Preferred tool set, what do you build with?
[00:14:19] – Headless commerce
[00:21:29] – End users, non traditional ways of brands leveraging headless
[00:24:40] – What is something coming you think might catch people by surprise?
Quotes from the Episode:

“There might be a platform that you could argue is better than them but they are not going to have the community, all the resources online…” [00:11:32]

“If you are not building headless first, you’re missing out on an experience that could be truly novel and super interesting.” [00:16:40]

“The headless paradigm is that now you’re decoupling the front end from the back end.” [00:17:18]

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