Amazon Buys Ring So That You’ll Let Strangers In Your House and Leave Packages


Amazon can’t stop putting money into smart-thing companies. It must be like a drug to the M&A team over at the Seattle HQ. The latest pickup for Bezo’s team is smart doorbell brand Ring.

Ring Doorbell In Action

Now, don’t get me wrong, the Ring is a pretty great device. The smart doorbell is app-enabled and gives you a push notification with live video whenever someone is at your door. It’s a great addition to any smart home and the industrial design of the hardware is solid. It’s positioned a market that needed massive innovation (I mean really, when was the last time someone iterated on the doorbell…) and is an acquisition that makes sense for a large tech company focused on an in-home experience (see: Alexa).

I see this for what it really is though. Amazon is looking for a way to cheat at their long term strategy of getting a key to your house and just leaving packages inside your door.

No way. No. Way.

I’m the earliest of adopters but I still can’t wrap my head around letting a random delivery person in my house unannounced to drop off a package. I’d rather the package sit on my porch and potentially get stolen. I’m not into letting random people in my house.

Amazon may have a market for their (literal) turn-key delivery service, but I’m going to pass on this one.

Don’t think we see this one for what it really is, though. This isn’t a smart-device acquisition or an expansion of Amazon’s hardware footprint, this is a hack to get past the hardware challenges Amazon faces in getting inside your home. This puts them light years ahead on their path to that goal.

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