App Checkout is 3X Higher than Mobile Web

Posted on February 26, 2018

Criteo is reporting that of their clients, “retailers that have both mobile sites and apps are seeing, on average, two-thirds of their online sales coming from mobile devices, according to the report.”

This is a stunning change from a few years ago when many retailers abandoned their app checkout and went straight for an improved mobile presence. If Criteo’s data is a trend of the greater industry as a whole, app-based commerce might be having a resurgence.

One of the key figures in Criteo’s data is the checkout statistics. For app checkout, conversion rates are nearly three times higher than on mobile. Guaranteed this is due to novel, easy, checkout experiences that many companies don’t put the effort into on the web.

Personally, we’re still not convinced that an app checkout is the right mobile experience for most e-commerce stores (pretty much anyone outside of a marketplace) but this data is quite interesting.

The big takeaway here? Push towards a more native checkout experience in your web e-commerce store.