Facebook Like Campaigns: Are they a Good Investments for E-Commerce Companies?

Posted on January 10, 2018

Question: Are Facebook like campaigns a good investment for ecommerce companies?

Blake: This is an interesting one.

John Yeah, I mean I think that…so I’ll go high-low, so Facebook like campaigns are a good investment with a strategy or an end-game in mind, you know when you’re coming in, especially if you’ve just started building of social proof, like page likes still have a value, it is still an audience that you can…that you can speak to, if you have engaging content, then…then they’re more likely to subscribe to it, if you push and gamify, so some people turning on the notifications, you can still do quite a lot of really good things with page likes. Now if your goal to get page likes…if the end-goal is to just have page likes, then bad strategy, if it’s a part of a much more larger, orchestrated strategy yes, in my opinion.

Blake: yeah I’ll agree with that and some anecdotal evidence from my end, John and I had a publishing company back in 2013 that we had a lot of page spend to acquire fans of this Facebook page because it was working around publishing probably 20 or 30 articles a day and really riding that organic traffic, now when that algorithm change, we saw a drastic cut off of our traffic and our organic reach on Facebook, I think our strategy there, if you ask me this question in 2013, I’d be saying yes, get a lot of likes because you’ll be able to reach your audience. Now though? Temper that with a goal on what you are going to do with your audience.