Are Local Instagram Influencers a Good Idea for my E-commerce Product?

Posted on January 11, 2018


John Max: The first question comes from Quora and it asks, how good is an idea to sell your product through famous Instagram influencers in your city?

Jim: It’s a great idea, any influencer that you have that can help you build your company it’s good to reach out to them. The only thing that I’ll say so great idea, do it. The only thing that I’ll add to this question because it’s kind of a non-question I mean, it’s a great idea you should do anything that you can do to help grow your business in a positive way you should do. The caveat I’ll put to this is you need to make it beneficial for them as well so even if they’re your best friend don’t just take from them. If they have a large Instagram following figure out a way that you can incentivize them, it may be having them over for dinner if you’re friends like that but always be thinking about how you can give to someone before you try and take from them is the only thing that I’ll add to that question.

John Max: Yes, you know if they’re helping to build your brand up then make sure that what you’re doing builds their brand and doesn’t take away from it. That you’re not asking them to advertise something that makes them look bad to their core community because obviously that’s going to be a big hit for them and they’re going to be a lot less likely to want to help you in future.