ASOS reveals lifestyle image shopping service dubbed “style match”


The traditional eCommerce experience is hunting and pecking through a sometimes tough to use grid of product photos, hoping to find the thing you’re looking for and eventually filtering down to a small result set of what you’re interested in. It’s not always consumer friendly. This way of shopping is rapidly changing and ASOS is embracing the new wave of a lifestyle image focused shopping experience.

This week ASOS is releasing their new “style match” tool that lets shoppers scroll through a feed of images to find products and looks that match their lifestyle and then engage and buy from the images themselves. The perfect mesh of content and commerce!

Lifestyle image shopping has a hard requirement: good images and a product that engages the shopper through that imagery.

Most ecommerce platforms limit you, forcing you to attempt to execute this through a social channel where you don’t own the content or the customer, forcing you to build your own lifestyle image shopping tools which can be costly in time and money.

That’s why lifestyle image shopping is one of the many awesome features we’re building in to Engine. With ASOS seeing massive success from this type of feature, we’re even more excited about sharing this platform with you soon.

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Blake is the Head of Product at Engine. Blake has worked for and with some of the largest ecommerce companies in Arkansas, growing teams and building digital products that have been used by millions. With a background in Computer Science and a passion for product and user experience, Blake leads the charge in building the next-generation ecommerce platform that is Engine.