Bad Bots Bad Bots, What Ya Gonna Do?

Posted on March 29, 2018

According to Distil Networks, ‘Bad Bots’ Account For More Than 20% Of E-Commerce Traffic.

Direct Download PDF of the Report

This report notes that bot traffic has jumped to an estimated 21% of eCommerce traffic. This is a strikingly high number and more than I would have expected.

The four types of bots that the report breaks out are:

  • Price scrapers: bots that scrape changing prices to monitor competitors
  • Account stealing: bots that test stolen login credentials
  • Gift card balance checking: stealing money from gift card accounts with a balance
  • Credit card fraud: testing credit card numbers to find missing data such as CVVs.

So what’s to be done?

It’s time to start filtering your traffic and keeping a very close eye on on-site behavior. Once you’re able to identify bot patterns, you can start excluding traffic and blocking known bot IP subnets from your reporting.

Beyond that, you’ve got to keep a very close eye on ordering patterns and be very aware of fraud.

I highly suggest digging further into the report, there’s a lot of great insights about how bot traffic is impacting eCommerce.