Bad Bots Bad Bots, What Ya Gonna Do?


According to Distil Networks, ‘Bad Bots’ Account For More Than 20% Of E-Commerce Traffic.

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This report notes that bot traffic has jumped to an estimated 21% of eCommerce traffic. This is a strikingly high number and more than I would have expected.

The four types of bots that the report breaks out are:

  • Price scrapers: bots that scrape changing prices to monitor competitors
  • Account stealing: bots that test stolen login credentials
  • Gift card balance checking: stealing money from gift card accounts with a balance
  • Credit card fraud: testing credit card numbers to find missing data such as CVVs.

So what’s to be done?

It’s time to start filtering your traffic and keeping a very close eye on on-site behavior. Once you’re able to identify bot patterns, you can start excluding traffic and blocking known bot IP subnets from your reporting.

Beyond that, you’ve got to keep a very close eye on ordering patterns and be very aware of fraud.

I highly suggest digging further into the report, there’s a lot of great insights about how bot traffic is impacting eCommerce.

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Blake is the Head of Product at Engine. Blake has worked for and with some of the largest ecommerce companies in Arkansas, growing teams and building digital products that have been used by millions. With a background in Computer Science and a passion for product and user experience, Blake leads the charge in building the next-generation ecommerce platform that is Engine.