The Best Email Marketing Automation Examples

Posted on February 4, 2019

Every e-commerce business wants to deliver the correct message at the correct time to its consumers. That’s exactly what email automation is designed to accomplish. 

We’ve previously gone over the finer points of welcome series and abandoned cart emails — two essential elements in email automation. Now, let’s break down some specific examples. Here are a few glimpses at email automation done right:

email marketing automation-abandoned cart
  • Type: Abandoned cart/product view/cross-sell
  • Sent by: Asics
  • Subject: Don’t get left in the dust
  • Why we like it: This example accomplishes so much of what great email automation is all about. It’s very clear which items have been left behind in the customer’s cart with multiple links available to complete the sale. The total price of the cart, the availability of free shipping, and a preview of some best-selling items are other elements prominently included. This style can effectively be used when sending either abandoned cart or product view automation emails with the added bonus of a subtle upsell/cross-sell conveniently included. 
email marketing automation-welcome series
  • Type: Welcome series
  • Sent by: The Hustle
  • Subject: Look what you did…
  • Why we like it: The welcome email to this newsletter is outstanding. They give you a glimpse into the office in a note penned directly from the CEO. They also set the tone of what the Hustle is all about. If you love the clever creativity of this welcome email, you’re going to love the Hustle. If you don’t you should probably unsubscribe immediately. Regardless, it’s ideal to have that tone established from the beginning.
email marketing automation-abandoned cart
  • Type: Abandoned cart 
  • Sent by: Winc
  • Subject: You forgot something unforgettable.
  • Why we like it: The headline catches the customer’s attention and draws them into the email. That’s where the content immediately makes it very clear what was abandoned in their cart and how to retrieve it. There’s also an added bonus of $20 off, a tactic being used here for a first-time buyer. This is sort of a combination between abandoned cart and welcome series strategies, which work very well together in this instance.
email marketing automation-upsell
  • Type: Upsell
  • Sent by: Dollar Shave Club
  • Subject: Confirming your EXECUTIVE razors
  • Why we like it: There’s a simple notification at the top informing the subscriber when their next subscription box will ship. There’s also a link conveniently sending the subscriber to see what’s already in their box. These things are subtle but they are a great way to enhance personalization and set up an upsell, which is the real strength of this email. These are top-selling products that are appropriate for pitching to each customer. There’s also a sense of urgency, as you have to act before next ship date to receive any of the additional items this time around.
email marketing automation-abandoned cart-product view-customer review
  • Type: Abandoned cart/product view/customer review
  • Sent by: Adidas
  • Subject: Sorry to hear about your wi-fi…
  • Why we like it: This a creative, clever take on a product view email that could also be applied to an abandoned cart email strategy. The subject, the copy, and the overall vibe aren’t boring. It obviously stands out from the typical email. Including some customer reviews for the product is a very strong addition. Remember, your customers trust reviews from other customers an exceptionally high amount.
email marketing automation-abandoned cart
  • Type: Abandoned cart
  • Sent by: Beardbrand
  • Subject: Quick Heads Up…
  • Why we like it: Not everything has to be overly clever or catchy. This abandoned cart email from Beardbrand certainly isn’t either of those things. But what’s far more important is the fact that it’s perfectly on-brand for the store. It’s simple and to the point with a very clear indication of the product and where to reclaim it. It also incentivizes action by stating the cart will expire soon.
still-email marketing automation-abandoned cart-product view-cross-sell
  • Type: Product view/cross-sell
  • Sent by: Brooklinen
  • Subject: Still available?
  • Why we like it: This email is a strong example of a product view email done right. Brooklinen appears to have taken the customer information gathered after a subscriber visited their site and re-targeted that customer later based on what they viewed. It’s a step higher in the funnel from an abandoned cart, but can certainly be effective. Free shipping, a compliment, and a warning about availability are great ways to help incentivize the sale at this stage. 
still-email marketing automation-customer feedback
  • Type: Customer feedback
  • Sent by: Insurify
  • Subject: Thank you + quick question
  • Why we like it: Customer feedback can be incredibly valuable for many different types of e-commerce businesses. In this case, the email makes gathering information on how a consumer felt about their experience with a brand very easy and interactive.

How Engine Mail can help

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