Big Box Stores Winning Big with Email


This past quarter, Costco’s e-commerce sales rose 28.5 percent, according to their earnings report. That’s no small feat.

Some of this success can be traced back to targeted improvements in Costco’s email strategy. Not only has the big brand been increasing volume (along with most of the other big players), but they’ve been nailing down their overall strategy as well. Focused on sending emails around their “Hot Buys” and “Hot Deals” categories, Costco has seen better open rates and click through after testing into a new strategy.

I can’t help but get fired up when I see big box stores winning this way because it’s a monumental task to get inside someone’s inbox even if you’re a specialty retailer. A marketplace email getting good open rates and click through is solid proof that email is one of the best marketing platforms out there for any brand when done correctly.

I’m excited to see big box retailers continue to innovate and improve in the email space. Whether that’s through advanced segmentation with targeted products or through playing the content game and providing engaging, readable emails that encourage the viewer to shop remains to be seen.

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Blake is the Head of Product at Engine. Blake has worked for and with some of the largest ecommerce companies in Arkansas, growing teams and building digital products that have been used by millions. With a background in Computer Science and a passion for product and user experience, Blake leads the charge in building the next-generation ecommerce platform that is Engine.