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Your E-Commerce Store is Probably Outdated

In e-commerce, a few short years can bring breathtaking change. I’ve been in this game for more than twenty years,...[Read More]

Online Marketing: E-Commerce Internship at Engine

Hayseed Ventures is seeking four rising Juniors and Seniors who want to pursue a career in ecommerce or internet marketi...[Read More]

Just Go…

I’ve spent the last 3 years imploring entrepreneurs to move faster. To do so, I’d stand on the shoulders of ...[Read More]

Venture Capital Pitch Lessons from Counting Crows and Matchbox Twenty

From my perch somewhere in middle America, I’ve raised over $100 million in venture capital as an entrepreneur, sa...[Read More]

Product Page: 5 Essential Things All of Them Must Have

The product page is perhaps the most important page to consider when optimizing e-commcere conversion rates. It’s the po...[Read More]

Crafting the Perfect Product View Email

Email flows are arguably the most complicated and easy-to-mess-up components of your combined marketing efforts. Everyon...[Read More]

Email CPM: How We Increased Ours 1000 percent

In my last e-commerce business, we acquired over 11 million email subscribers in 9 months. Our ability to monetize those...[Read More]

4 Things All E-Tailers Can Learn from Chewy’s $3.35 Billion Acquisition

Petsmart recently announced an acquisition of online pet retailer Chewy’s, raising a lot of eyebrows.  The under-t...[Read More]

Is Your E-Commerce Platform Costing You Sales?

For online retailers, your software platform is the lifeblood of your business — just like that amazing first hire...[Read More]

Does the World Really Need Another E-Commerce Platform? Why We’re Building Engine…

Recent research from Internet Retailer shows that nearly half of all e-retailers want a new e-commerce platform. This st...[Read More]

Unit Economics: The Best Way to Improve Your E-Commerce Gross Profit

E-commerce stores are driven by unit economics while the global financial statements are driven by thousands of smaller ...[Read More]

Why GPAAC is My Favorite E-Commerce Financial Metric

E-Commerce Profit Margin I’ve built ecommerce businesses for more than two decades, and I’ve invested in eco...[Read More]

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