E-Commerce Business: Can You Start One with No Money?

Posted on January 11, 2018

Starting an E-Commerce Business with No Funds

Question: Can you open an e-commerce business with little money?

Blake: So this is more from the more entrepreneurial-minded. I like it.

John Max: Yeah, yeah, so like I think the concept of an e-commerce store has to be liquid here and what I mean by that and it’s the reason that I pick this question is right here. I mean literally Gary V talked about it in the breakfast club about the two hundred and seventeen-foot challenge, which is taking stuff from your house or taking stuff that’s free on Craigslist and flipping it for a dollar and this is just pure hustle. So yes, takes take stuff and understand what it costs on Amazon, E-bay and can you arbitrage against Facebook marketplace and let go different communities you can then sell something on. So it’s as simple as going in finding something that you can sell hopefully get it for free and then flip it for a buck and then repeating that process.

Blake: And realize too that you don’t need to set up a pop-up shop, you don’t need a Shopify store for this like. You can do this on the backs of other platforms that already have traffic like Craigslist, E-bay, Amazon, Let go, other apps like the Facebook marketplace, I mean literally anything that you can transact in arbitrage sales is where you want to go there but good luck with it.