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What You Need To Know About GDPR As An eCommerce Company

TL;DR #1 What is GDPR? Essentially, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new set of regulations put in place to allow the citizens of the EU to have more control over their personal data. (f...[Read More]

You can’t afford to ignore these new eCommerce trends

Each year comes with a new set of trends, styles and new marketing areas for online brands to explore. It can be vastly overwhelming and many sellers die trying to go all in on each new fad. At Engine...[Read More]

One Large Beverage Company’s Key To eCommerce Success

Bai has been seeing incredible growth online and has “invested “disproportionately” in e-commerce.” — Bai owes much of the success of this investment to marketing automation and a focus on retargeting...[Read More]

Conspiracy Theories, Advertisers, and Alex Jones

If you are in the advertising industry you’ve heard the phrase “Youtube Advertisers Pulling Out” more than you probably care, but here we are again. The latest pull has to do with the very controversi...[Read More]

Ecommerce and Blockchain – How Blockchain Could Revolutionize Ecommerce

Payment processing  in ecommerce is an obvious use for the blockchain.   Done correctly it has the potential to eliminate a tremendous amount of friction and cost. While removing the ~3% transaction f...[Read More]

Building brand loyalty on your ecommerce site

Standing out among thousands of stores is a challenge every eCommerce shop owner faces. It’s a daily struggle to distinguish yourself from competitors or even from the amount of noise that now e...[Read More]

Email campaign best practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are rapidly approaching and there’s not much time to shore up your email marketing practices before the big day hits. Here are three quick best practices to ensure ...[Read More]

What you need to know about marketing emails on the iPhone X

The latest iPhone is out in the wild and its screen and features are incredible. What does that mean for email marketers and ecommerce shops, though? Since this new form factor is what Apple is likely...[Read More]

Crafting the Perfect Product View Email

Email flows are arguably the most complicated and easy-to-mess-up components of your combined marketing efforts. Everyone already knows that abandoned cart emails, when done right, are some of the bes...[Read More]