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Vertically Integrated eCommerce is so important, it’s changing the food and beverage industry.

Now, Meat & Poultry isn’t normally one of my main sources of news consumption. But when I saw this article, I knew I had to write on it. The article I linked above breaks down how food and beverag...[Read More]

The Three Questions You Must Be Able To Answer When Pitching Your Ecommerce Startup

  As we step into 2018 one of the many things I am excited about is the ability to start investing more into the ecommerce community. Now I should clarify, this is not an announcement for another...[Read More]

How We Built a $100 Million Ecommerce Business Using 8th Grade Math

Ecommerce is hard, but the math behind optimizing the revenue of an online store is surprisingly simple. Sure, there are complicated nuances, but the general health of an ecommerce business can usuall...[Read More]

The Best Way to Improve Your Ecommerce Gross Profit – A Look at Unit Economics

  Ecommerce stores are driven by unit economics.  The global financial statements are driven by thousands of smaller transactions… for most stores, this means making the same (or similar) t...[Read More]

Why Gross Profit After Advertising Cost (GPAAC) is My Favorite Ecommerce Financial Metric

Ecommerce Profit Margin I’ve built ecommerce businesses for more than two decades, and I’ve invested in ecommerce companies for the past ten years.  Through that experience, I’ve com...[Read More]