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E-Commerce Strategy: It’s Time to Own the Pipeline and the Acquisition

Amazon is quite clearly at the top of the e-commerce world for the foreseeable future. Over the past year, Walmart has emerged as its fiercest competitor for that title. At its core, this is simply a ...[Read More]

E-Commerce: Walmart Overtaking Apple in 2018

Walmart’s standing in e-commerce is continuing to rise as the corporation shifts more of its focus online. The most recent retail forecast from eMarketer even has Walmart overtaking Apple as the...[Read More]

E-Commerce Marketing: It’s Time to Start Thinking Like a Data Scientist

Humankind holds an affinity for the newest and shiniest things. Whether it’s our jewelry, cars, or electronics, we get sucked into the flashiest and most modern of these items. Marketing is no d...[Read More]

Marketing 101: Why ROAS Should Not Be Your Key Performance Indicator

E-commerce marketers today are increasingly hyper-aware of the metric return on ad spend (ROAS). It sounds great and optimizing for it can make you look great as a marketer. But what if optimizing for...[Read More]

E-Commerce Platform Engine Receives $4 Million Investment

After raising over $100 million of venture capital in my career, I’ve come to realize that closing a funding round is rarely a cause for celebration. Despite their hype in the press, raising a r...[Read More]

Consumer Data Collection: The Most Valuable Asset for your E-commerce Brand

The data you own on consumers is the most valuable asset your e-commerce brand can possibly attain. That data is how you position yourself for success. If you’re not collecting, you’re not under...[Read More]

E-Commerce and Tariffs: How to Respond to Changes Without Having a Second Boston Tea Party

Let’s take a spin in the time machine. It’s 1773, and citizens in America choose to import goods from other countries rather than having to pay for expensive taxes on “homegrown” goods. The powers tha...[Read More]

How to leverage affiliate and ambassador marketing to your advantage

The ultimate goal of both affiliate and ambassador marketing is the same: match your brand’s products and services to consumers that need and want them, ultimately driving profitability. While t...[Read More]

E-commerce stores: Customer reviews can make or break your Facebook ad plan

If your e-commerce store isn’t embracing the importance of customer reviews, it’s time to start doing so. Customer reviews are continually evolving and becoming increasingly essential for ...[Read More]

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