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Fashion Influencers: Here’s How Brands Should Approach Them

Is your brand looking to approach fashion influencers to help reach a broader audience? If so, you need to be carefully considering the best practices for getting that done. You don’t want to be...[Read More]

Micro-Influencers: The Best Practices for Deploying them Successfully

When a lot of us think about influencers, our mind immediately turns to athletes and celebrities that help market major brands. These macro-influencers are just one piece of what influencer marketing ...[Read More]

From Customer to Influencer: Building Your Social Army

If you’ve been in the game long enough, you’ve heard about the social media influencer. They are the next gold rush, as digital prospectors scramble every which way to gain some bit of marketing share...[Read More]

Ed Hardy: What Happened to the Popular 2000s Clothing Brand?

Imagine it’s 2008 and a clothing brand is being promoted by Madonna, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Shakira, Kristin Cavallari, and Kim Kardashian. That’s a who’s who of female pop cu...[Read More]

E-Commerce Marketing Tricks: Using Offline Tactics to Drive Online Sales

Our ever-changing digital world has e-commerce marketing experts constantly looking for the next online advantage they can leverage for success. It may be a new social media platform on the rise or an...[Read More]

Marketing Challenges: How to Combat Rising Advertising Costs

If you’re not preparing to evolve your marketing strategies, you’re not putting yourself in a position for success. This is becoming truer than ever as we begin moving closer and closer to...[Read More]

E-Commerce Marketing: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work in 2019

A new year is creeping up on all of us. In e-commerce marketing, that presents an opportunity to mentally start anew and implement a strategy that will have your brand(s) thriving for years to come. S...[Read More]

Influencer Marketing: How to Find the Booty in 2019 and Beyond

Why does a pirate wear underwear? To hide his booty! Now that we’ve had a good laugh about underwear, let’s talk seriously about it. The growth of the global men’s underwear market i...[Read More]

SMS Marketing: E-Commerce Brands Should be Leveraging Our Marriage to Cell Phones

The rapid rise in cell phone ownership and reliance has created room for significant opportunity in SMS marketing. Not only do almost all of us own a cell phone, but a lot of us are also in a very com...[Read More]

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