Ecommerce Influencer Marketing

Are You Watching Closely?

This chilling line sent a shock down my spine the first time I heard it while watching The Prestige. For anyone who has watched the movie, you know what I’m talking about. This is the same question I ...[Read More]

How Casper DOUBLED Their Net Mattress Sales With A Single Post

What if I told you that you could double the revenue of your company with a single tactic. You’d probably be thinking “this guy is a snake oil salesman”, and you have every right to think that. In rea...[Read More]

#Collaboration: How One Brand Is Out-Pacing Kylie Cosmetics

For our frequent readers, you most likely think we have a crush on Rihanna, and well…we do. But seriously, Rihanna is killing the game. Not the music game, the business game. On Feb 28th she ann...[Read More]

Conspiracy Theories, Advertisers, and Alex Jones

If you are in the advertising industry you’ve heard the phrase “Youtube Advertisers Pulling Out” more than you probably care, but here we are again. The latest pull has to do with the very controversi...[Read More]

Is Luxury Amazon an oxymoron?

Luxury brands are  under the false assumption that they are totally insulated from the disruption that Amazon is bringing to the rest of the ecommerce space. This article posits that Amazon just isn’t...[Read More]

March Madness; the 185 Million Eyeball Extravaganza

The feeling is in the air, its March Madness time again. Everybody dust off your sports jerseys, schedule your vasectomies, and install that 82 inch tv you’ve been itching to purchase from Sam’s club....[Read More]

Building brand loyalty on your ecommerce site

Standing out among thousands of stores is a challenge every eCommerce shop owner faces. It’s a daily struggle to distinguish yourself from competitors or even from the amount of noise that now e...[Read More]

Don’t Forget These Hidden Costs of Ecommerce Influencer Marketing

Calculating the ROI of influencer marketing is challenging. While crafting a perfectly accurate multi-channel revenue attribution model is difficult, determining the true cost of campaigns doesn’...[Read More]