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Engine is providing unique solutions for subscription e-commerce

The business of subscription e-commerce has grown more than 100 percent each of the past five years, expanding rapidly across a wide range of niches. According to a survey by McKinsey & Company, t...[Read More]

Coming soon: Amazon is no friend to your e-commerce brand

If your e-commerce brand is highly dependent on Amazon, you’ll want to take this article very seriously. In fact, this may spell out you’re in serious danger to go out of business in the n...[Read More]

How Can Fashion Brands Survive in a Post-Amazon World?

Until recently, Amazon’s apparel ambitions remained relatively under the radar, largely going unnoticed until they surpassed Macy’s as the number one retailer of apparel in 2017.  For over...[Read More]

How Does Your Marketing Strategy Stack Up Against Amazon’s?

Amazon’s marketing strategy can be summed up in a single sentence; “Amazon will dominate any market they want because they are willing to provide a better level of service at a lower cost until no one...[Read More]

Treat Your Store Like a Product

Your eCommerce site isn’t just a collection of disconnected pages to be A/B tested to perfection in isolation. It’s meant to be cohesive. An experience. It should be seamless for your cust...[Read More]

Are You Built To Last?

“Things are just not made the way they used to be” I can vividly remember hearing my father saying this every time he had to fix something around the house. Whether it was cars, appliances, or even th...[Read More]

You can’t afford to ignore these new eCommerce trends

Each year comes with a new set of trends, styles and new marketing areas for online brands to explore. It can be vastly overwhelming and many sellers die trying to go all in on each new fad. At Engine...[Read More]

Bad Bots Bad Bots, What Ya Gonna Do?

According to Distil Networks, ‘Bad Bots’ Account For More Than 20% Of E-Commerce Traffic. Direct Download PDF of the Report This report notes that bot traffic has jumped to an estimated 21% of eCommer...[Read More]

Explosive eCommerce Growth for Lululemon: A site experience deep dive

  After a rocky 2017, Lululemon is reporting some massive digital growth over last quarter. I’m going to pin some of this revenue growth on their site redesign that launched last year and the res...[Read More]

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