Ecommerce Venture Capital

In The Spotlight; A Badass Female Entrepreneur

On International Women’s Day we wanted to highlight a woman who is killing the eCommerce game, and that is Rihanna. In the world of Fast-Fashion, Rihanna has been making moves the past 18 months with ...[Read More]

The Three Questions You Must Be Able To Answer When Pitching Your Ecommerce Startup

  As we step into 2018 one of the many things I am excited about is the ability to start investing more into the ecommerce community. Now I should clarify, this is not an announcement for another...[Read More]

The Amazing Story Behind Menguin’s $25 Million Acquisition

Last week, online retailer Menguin sold for $25 million to Generation Tux, a company founded by Men’s Warehouse founder and ex-CEO George Zimmer. The story of how the company went from the brink...[Read More]

Venture Capital Pitch Lessons from Counting Crows and Matchbox Twenty

From my perch somewhere in middle America, I’ve raised over $100 million in venture capital as an entrepreneur, sat through a few hundred pitches as a seed-stage investor, and helped a a dozen p...[Read More]

Raising Ecommerce Venture Capital

Over the past 2 decades, ecommerce venture funding has gone through several whipsaw cycles — up in the late 90s, down in the early 2000s, up again in the late 2000s, down in early 2010s, and up ...[Read More]