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E-Commerce Conversation: Was It Culture Or Tactics That Grew Zappos

If you are in the e-commerce space, you’ve probably heard the name “Zappos” thrown around a lot in conversation. For those living under a rock, is an online shoe and cloth...[Read More]

All E-Commerce Traffic Is Not Created Equal

When it comes to e-commerce traffic sources, not all are created equal. If you are struggling to find the highest performing channel to drive e-commerce sales, take 4 min and listen in as we discuss t...[Read More]

What are Some Good Examples of Ecommerce Personalization?

ECOMMERCE PERSONALIZATION WITH RESULTS Question: What are some good interesting ecommerce personalization cases? Looking for good examples of customer personalization and information about the results...[Read More]

E-Commerce Business: Can You Start One with No Money?

Starting an E-Commerce Business with No Funds Question: Can you open an e-commerce business with little money? Blake: So this is more from the more entrepreneurial-minded. I like it. John Max: Yeah, y...[Read More]

E-Commerce Founders: What are the Best Books to Read?

BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS FOR E-COMMERCE COMPANY OWNERS Question: What books should you read to learn more about e-commerce operations and e-commerce business? John James: Here’s an opportunity for S...[Read More]

Are Local Instagram Influencers a Good Idea for my E-commerce Product?

ARE INFLUENCERS A GOOD THING FOR AN ECOMMERCE BUSINESS? John Max: The first question comes from Quora and it asks, how good is an idea to sell your product through famous Instagram influencers in your...[Read More]

How does the board of directors get formed with an early startup?

Startup Board of Directors Question: How does the board of directors get formed with an early startup? Jim: Alright, I’ll take this one, since I’ve been in a couple of early startup situat...[Read More]

Is PPC Arbitrage a Viable Longterm Strategy for a Dropshipping?

A DROPSHIPPING INTERVENTION Question: This comes from Reddit and the Redditor asks: I’ve spent two hundred dollars on advertising with my Shopify store and I have no results, I need help and I&#...[Read More]

How do I Recruit Talented Employees to My Startup Team?

Recruiting For A Startup Question: How do you recruit for a startup team? John: That’s a great question, we’re doing that currently here, right now, in fact, it’s, it’s interes...[Read More]

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