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No Holds Barred Conversation; Was It Culture Or Tactics That Grew Zappos

If you are in the eCommerce space, you’ve probably heard the name “Zappos” thrown around a lot in conversation. For those living under a rock, is an online shoe and clothi...[Read More]

All Ecommerce Traffic Is Not Created Equal

When it comes to ecommerce traffic sources, not all are created equal. If you are struggling to find the highest performing channel to drive ecommerce sales, take 4 min and listen in as we discuss the...[Read More]

What are Some Good Examples of Ecommerce Personalization?

ECOMMERCE PERSONALIZATION WITH RESULTS Blake: Yes, our question is from Quora and it is, Question: What are some good interesting personalization cases? Looking for good examples of customer personali...[Read More]

Can You Start an Ecommerce Business with No Money?

CAN YOU START AN ONLINE RETAIL BUSINESS WITH NO MONEY? Blake: Question number two another from Quora, this person’s asking Question: Can you open a thrift store with little money? So this is mor...[Read More]

What are the Best Books for Ecommerce Founders to Read?

BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS FOR E-COMMERCE COMPANY OWNERS John Max: Perfect. Question number 2 is from Reddit as well, and the Redditor asks: Question:  What books should you read to learn more about E-comme...[Read More]

Are Local Instagram Influencers a Good Idea for my Ecommerce Product?

ARE INFLUENCERS A GOOD THING FOR AN ECOMMERCE BUSINESS? John Max: The first question comes from Cora and it asks:  How good is an idea to sell your product through famous Instagram friends in your cit...[Read More]

How does the board of directors get formed with an early startup?

Startup Board of Directors Question: How does the board of directors get formed with an early startup? Jim: Alright, I’ll take this one, since I’ve been in a couple of early startups. Obvi...[Read More]

Is PPC Arbitrage a Viable Longterm Strategy for a Dropship Ecommerce Business?

A DROPSHIPPERS INTERVENTION Question: This comes from Reddit and the Redditor asks: I’ve spent two hundred dollars on advertising with my Shopify store and I have no results, I need help and I&#...[Read More]

How do I Recruit Talented Employees to My Startup Team?

Recruiting For A Start-up Question: Question number one comes from Quora and it’s asking how do you recruit for a start-up team? Answer: John: That’s a great question, we’re doing th...[Read More]

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