Improving eCommerce Conversion Rate – Why Classic A/B Testing will Only Take You So Far

While A/B testing is a valuable tool in the arsenal of any ecommerce company, A/B testing, at least in the traditional sense, has limited utility for smaller stores. For data-driven ecommerce managers...[Read More]

How Can Fashion Brands Survive in a Post-Amazon World?

Until recently, Amazon’s apparel ambitions remained relatively under the radar, largely going unnoticed until they surpassed Macy’s as the number one retailer of apparel in 2017. For over ...[Read More]

Treat Your Store Like a Product

Your eCommerce site isn’t just a collection of disconnected pages to be A/B tested to perfection in isolation. It’s meant to be cohesive. An experience. It should be seamless for your cust...[Read More]

Are You Built To Last?

“Things are just not made the way they used to be” I can vividly remember hearing my father saying this every time he had to fix something around the house. Whether it was cars, appliances, or even th...[Read More]

How An Owl Swooped Up A $50 Million Dollar Round

Hootsuite has been quietly building an empire. From 2014 to 2018 they have grown their user base from 10 million to 16 million, while also grabbing up 80% market share in the Inc 1000. (source: https:...[Read More]

3 Questions You Must Be Able To Answer When Pitching Your Ecommerce Startup

  As we step into 2018 one of the many things I am excited about is the ability to start investing more in the ecommerce community. Now I should clarify, this is not an announcement for another H...[Read More]

Brand Loyalty: How to Build it on your E-Commerce Site

Standing out among thousands of stores is a challenge every eCommerce shop owner faces. It’s a daily struggle to distinguish yourself from competitors or even from the amount of noise that now e...[Read More]

Email Campaign Best Practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are rapidly approaching and there’s not much time to shore up your email campaign marketing practices before the big day hits. Here are three quick best practices t...[Read More]

iPhone X: What you need to know about marketing emails on the device

The latest iPhone is out in the wild and its screen and features are incredible. What does that mean for email marketers and ecommerce shops, though? Since this new form factor is what Apple is likely...[Read More]

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