Stop Overthinking S*%!

If you’re in the eCommerce marketing or advertising space, you most likely have a group of like-minded individuals that you communicate with on a frequent basis. A group of guys or gals that you trust...[Read More]

Are You Watching Closely?

This chilling line sent a shock down my spine the first time I heard it while watching The Prestige. For anyone who has watched the movie, you know what I’m talking about. This is the same question I ...[Read More]

How Can Fashion Brands Survive in a Post-Amazon World?

Until recently, Amazon’s apparel ambitions remained relatively under the radar, largely going unnoticed until they surpassed Macy’s as the number one retailer of apparel in 2017.  For over...[Read More]

How To Cut Your Cost In Half Marketing To A Cold Audience

Over the weekend our team was in Des Moines presenting at a conference. In between sessions, we decided to grab a quick bite to eat at a local taco shop. While we were waiting, I pulled out my phone t...[Read More]

How Does Your Marketing Strategy Stack Up Against Amazon’s?

Amazon’s marketing strategy can be summed up in a single sentence; “Amazon will dominate any market they want because they are willing to provide a better level of service at a lower cost until no one...[Read More]

Is that entry popup killing conversions on your ecommerce site?

We all have seen them, we probably have all run a campaign with them … the dreaded on-site-entry popup. It waits a few seconds and then BAM. It gets ya when you scroll down. How often have you u...[Read More]

The Billion Dollar Steal; A Lesson In Buying Underpriced Attention

Let’s set the scene, it is Q1 of 2012, and Facebook is on the hunt for the next “big thing”. Up until this point, all of their acquisitions have totaled in less than $100 million. With an impending IP...[Read More]

How Casper DOUBLED Their Net Mattress Sales With A Single Post

What if I told you that you could double the revenue of your company with a single tactic. You’d probably be thinking “this guy is a snake oil salesman,” and you have every right to think that. In rea...[Read More]

What You Need To Know About GDPR As An eCommerce Company

#1 What is GDPR? Essentially, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new set of regulations put in place to allow the citizens of the EU to have more control over their personal data. (full ex...[Read More]

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