Chewy: Delivering Love for Pet Owners


The love a pet owner has for their furry friend is fierce. With an estimated 68 percent of the US population owning a pet, it is a massive market opportunity. At the pinnacle of this business stands one company: Chewy. And it is our belief that they hold that place because they love your pet almost as much as you do.

Yesterday when scrolling through Facebook a friend’s post caught my eye.

You see, his beloved pet passed away recently and he wrote to Chewy to let them know he no longer needed a box shipped to him. Most companies would consider this a lost customer, and invest little dollars into the ongoing relationship. But not Chewy, that’s not how their company thinks of their customers. And the beauty of this is that they don’t care for their customers as a tactic, they do it because it is a core value of their company.

If you’re looking for a little happiness today, scroll through the photos below to get some #inspiration from a company doing it right. You can also check out the full article here.

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