E-commerce packaging: Consumer trends impacting CPG


As CPG brands shift from pure in-store play to a D2C e-commerce strategy, many brands are having to get creative with their packaging experience.

Companies looking into e-commerce packaging have to consider possible threats to brand engagement, an increased number of supply chain touch-points and the potential for shipping damaged or leaking product.

Lots of on-shelf brands have never had to face the struggle that is long-haul shipping and touchpoint that they don’t control. Often, their traditional packaging isn’t customized to fit being handled by carriers and then dropped on the consumer’s doorstep.

Brands are having to learn and adapt quickly to the robust packaging requirements required for the e-commerce space. Personally, I strongly feel there’s room for creativity in packaging as CPG brands dip their toes into the pool of online sales.

I’m excited to see how traditional box brands modify their packaging for food and CPG item as sales continue to shift online and to a subscription-based model.

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