Content + Commerce Episode 7 with Brandon Doyle

Posted on October 14, 2019

Content + Commerce Episode 7

Host: Blake Puryear Guest: Brandon Doyle

On this episode Blake is joined by Brandon Doyle of Wallaroo Media

[00:01:04] – Background of Wallaroo Media, full service digital agency

[00:03:25] – SEO/SEM in regards to eComm, go to tools

[00:05:17] – Hardest part of agency model and workarounds/solutions

[00:07:37] – How to Scale Your eCommerce Brand Through the Increasingly Competitive Paid Advertising Landscape

[00:12:24] – “Our agency got to be a Hero” story

[00:13:58] – Trends in the next year

[00:14:12] – Celebrity Brands, Kylie Jenner, etc. and Influencer Founded Brands is what’s next

Quotes from the Episode:
“We try to become true partners with then and invest in their success and helping them scale.” [00:05:22]
“To be the most effective at marketing and advertising you need to be doing a full funnel, comprehensive approach.” [00:08:33]