Use Content to Drive Sales for Your E-Commerce Store

Posted on February 25, 2019

Content is a direct driver of sales in e-commerce. The more a shopper consumes the content of a brand, the more likely they are to buy.

If you’re an e-commerce business owner that agrees with this strategy, you need a content management system (CMS) that is tightly connected with your store.

That’s where Engine can help. The team at Engine has built an e-commerce platform with its very own CMS included. There are no external plug-ins needed. It is the perfect solution for content-driven stores in search of the ideal platform.

What’s Great About Engine’s CMS

The CMS within Engine gives e-commerce brands the ability to seamlessly link products from store to content. That’s an ability that comes without sacrificing beautiful, engaging layouts that can significantly enhance the chances of conversion. Such layouts are also included within the CMS and were a top priority in its creation.

The seamless link between store and content comes from implementing parameters that are specific and logical for any e-commerce store. If prices change or products go on sale, the CMS within Engine automatically makes those changes within the content. There’s no worrying about outdated or inaccurate content existing on your site. This also eliminates any need to update these things yourself. That’s time far better spent on something else.

This type of CMS living within the platform is one of several significant differences separating Engine as an exceptionally unique tool geared toward the future of e-commerce. Your existing content can be aligned with your live sales in an instant. That was the driving force behind Engine’s decision to create it’s own CMS within the platform. And, maybe most importantly, it’s something other platforms cannot provide.

Contact Engine

If content creation aimed at driving sales is a serious priority for your e-commerce store, reach out to us at Engine. You can set up a call by clicking here or contacting our sales team via email.