Content Plus Commerce Episode 11 

Posted on November 19, 2019

Show Notes

Content Plus Commerce Episode 11 

Host: Blake Puryear Guest: Alex Zachman

On this episode Blake is joined by Alex Zachman of Old North Collective 

[00:01:25] – background of Old North Collective
[00:04:00] – go to tools, toolsets for side builds, store builds, marketing, and analytics
[00:07:56] – stop doing just search engine marketing
[00:10:04] –  leveraging non traditional marketing tactics to hit the Gen Z and millennial audience
[00:18:21] – value of partnership between agencies and platforms
[00:22:40] –   What are some coming trends that will take people by surprise
Quotes from the Episode:
“If I do something by gut or feeling, I am doing it wrong.” [00:03:33]
“Advertising online typically is below 50% trust, mail if you do it well is 80 or 90% trust accuracy.” [00:08:40]
“When you are looking at non traditional social platforms, advertising ends up being a lot less expensive.” [00:11:07]
“The more personal you become with communication, the less you need to communicate.” [00:14:48] 
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