Crocs and Post Malone: The Improbable Collaboration That Went Viral

Posted on December 13, 2018

Something truly incredibly happened earlier this week: Millennials and Generation Z went absolutely insane over a pair of Crocs

Yes, I’m talking about the company that has been selling foam clog shoes since 2002. The same company I honestly forgot was still in business about eight years ago. So, how did Crocs manage to find serious relevancy in 2018? Post Malone.

The shoe brand first collaborated with the uber-popular rapper and producer in early November, creating signature Post Malone shoes that sold out in 10 minutes. If that sounds impressive, it’s really nothing compared to what happened Tuesday when Crocs rolled out another Post Malone collaboration. These second limited-edition pairs reportedly managed to sell out in 10 seconds. Both collaborations sold for $59.99 a pair, a $20 markup from standard prices.

This is influencer and exclusivity marketing to perfection. The company has acquired consumers that are at least a couple generations younger than what is surely its target audience. If you don’t want to take my word for it, just go check out what most of Twitter has to say:

(You can also get a good look at the most recent Post Malone shoes in this tweet.)

To be fair, Crocs has been doing far better than those of us submerged in pop culture would have you believe. The company generated more than $1 billion in revenue last year and has been climbing back from near bankruptcy since 2009 with several innovative ideas. But the accomplishment of going viral among consumers in their teens, 20s, and 30s in 2018 is incredibly impressive.

It should be noted Post Malone has had a love for these foam clogs for some time, so the company at least had a starting point for this collaboration.

“If you like something, go get it,” he said in a press statement. “I wear Crocs everywhere from the bar to the stage and I felt it was the perfect collaboration to get together with Crocs and give the fans what they’ve been asking for.”

Still, the recognition of an opportunity and the execution deserve praise. And I haven’t even mentioned my favorite part of this collaboration yet: Jibbitz. Apparently, Jibbitz is an accessory that snaps into the holes of Crocs. (That was news to me even though they’ve been a thing for years.)

So when the limited-edition Post Malone shoes were gone, the Post Malone Jibbitz that come with those foam clogs were still available separately for $9.99. And you have to buy a pair of Crocs anyway to make the Jibbitz useful. Essentially, consumers were given the chance to create their own customized Post Malone shoes with Jibbitz and a basic pair of Crocs. Oh, and those also sold out.

Kudos to Crocs for seeing an opportunity and taking advantage of it. It’s another example of how the power of having the right influencers simply cannot be understated.