Crowdsourcing Change: Twitter Needs Help

Posted on March 8, 2018

Late last week Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, confirmed that the company is facing a serious problem. The platform created for open dialogue, and a sharing of ideas has become a place of harassment and collective group think.

In a string of tweets, Dorsey took ownership of the current state of affairs and has promised to work on a solution. A refreshing stance I might add in light of Facebook & Google’s refusal to own up to be held responsible for what occurs on their platform.

As the effort to manage their community has continued, Twitter has faced backlash from certain media outlets and influencers claiming that Twitter is silencing content that is “right wing”. They are also focusing on a crackdown of bot activity and automation, pulling out a blog post warning developers to knock if off with the automation or face the consequences.

So where do you fall on the issue? Personally, I’m proud of Jack and his willingness to humble himself and work towards solutions. Jack is a CEO that I have always admired. Maybe the ways they are addressing the problem are not the best, but you cannot fault them for taking actions and correcting along the way.

No platform is perfect, and as this continues to happen we as consumers have to ask, “how can we help”.