It’s Time to Combat Those Rising Customer Acquisition Costs

Posted on February 28, 2019

Acquiring customers in e-commerce isn’t easy these days. As search engines and social media platforms become increasingly advanced, advertising costs continue to steadily rise.

Things just aren’t what they used to be 10 or 15 years ago when many channels were overflowing with cheap opportunity. In 2019, you won’t get near the same bang for your buck.

This doesn’t mean you can’t create a successful e-commerce brand today. There are other ways, and it all starts with focusing heavily on customer retention. Obviously, don’t totally leave acquisition thoughts behind. But don’t have that be what dominates your thought process. Think beyond how to bring them in and start focusing on keeping them coming back.

This means e-commerce businesses must start building strong relationships with customers. Develop your audience and nurture it to the best of your ability. Treat your customers like they are the single thing capable of giving your brand longterm success because, in a lot of ways, that’s the truth. The cost of acquisition is too high for your business to have success with high customer churn rates. Instead, you have to keep shoppers coming back by optimizing for customer lifetime value.

Enacting the best practices for a direct-to-consumer model focused heavily on retention is crucial to thriving in spite of rising acquisition costs.

How Engine Can Help

If you want to build a thriving direct-to-consumer brand with high retention rates, you’ll need a platform that helps you execute. Engine is the perfect software to get that done.

Does content fit into your plan? Perfect, Engine comes with a content management system built-in and ready to go. Your content and site are seamlessly connected with the ability to update simultaneously.

When you’re ready to deploy the best email automation process possible, Engine has you covered. Engine Mail provides the best practices and is ingrained in the platform, no plug-in needed.

Are you setting out to provide subscription options that lock-in recurring purchases? Engine makes it easier than ever to do that as well with subscription abilities baked into the platform. Again, there’s no plug-in needed.

You can also create beautiful, engaging customizable themes on the Engine platform to give your audience a truly personal and special experience. They’ll be no mistaking your brand for another as an exclusive theme allows it to stand out above the competition.

If you’re ready to beat back those rising customer acquisition costs with an elite direct-to-consumer brand, set up a call with Engine by clicking here or contacting our sales team via email. Even if you don’t end up working with us, we promise you’ll leave any conversation better than we found you.