Do What You Do Best.

Posted on May 16, 2019

MailChimp is raising their prices with the addition of social and ad support. This leaves creators and operators like yourself wondering, “Is this in my best interest?”

MailChimp is now charging customers for unconfirmed and unsubscribed users. This means if you’re using double opt-in and subscribing to industry email practices like you should, you’ll also be paying for all the defunct subscribers and bots that find their way onto your list.

This takes us back to the stone age when creators had to set reminders every month to go in and delete their unsubscribed and inactive subscribers.

It wastes your time and leaves you focusing on the wrong things: Managing billing & lists instead of doing what you do best.

Building your business.

This is why we’ve built Engine ValetTo keep you doing what you do best.

We’ll provide the technology and the eCommerce email marketing experts.

You get peace of mind.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule a 15-minute on boarding call.
  2. We’ll optimize your email collection and build the most important marketing automations including your welcome series, abandoned cart, product views, and more.
  3. Our in-house email marketing experts will meet with you every single month to plan the campaigns we’ll create and send for you.
  4. Enjoy a revenue-generating marketing channel you don’t have to worry about and keep doing what you do best.

The purpose of Engine Valet is to make it as easy as possible to drive sales through email marketing, without keeping you tied to your computer. Our team has built 11+ million email subscriber lists, sold millions of dollars of products via email, and we’ve got your back.

We have space for just 20 stores in our beta program. Sign up for a trial today. We can get you up and running in 15 minutes or less.