E-commerce stores: Customer reviews can make or break your Facebook ad plan

Posted on October 8, 2018

If your e-commerce store isn’t embracing the importance of customer reviews, it’s time to start doing so. Customer reviews are continually evolving and becoming increasingly essential for online business.

The statistics show listening to customers is not only useful, but it’s essentially mandatory for success. Overall, 91 percent of people regularly read online reviews and 85 percent trust them as if they were receiving the information from a friend. Sites that offer product ratings or reviews are shown to make consumers 63 percent more likely to make a purchase. If your reviews are primarily positive, customers are likely to spend 31 percent more with your business. On the other side of that, 86 percent of customers will hesitate at making a purchase as a result of negative reviews.

It’s obvious, customer reviews have become vital to the online shopping experience. If your plan is to build a strong, sustainable brand, customer service must be a cornerstone from the beginning.

Now that we’ve established how important reviews are to e-commerce stores, let’s specifically look at how important Facebook is in this arena.

Facebook has recently implemented tools making it incredibly easy for customers to provide feedback on their experience with the ads they’ve interacted with. It’s an effort to improve user interactions with advertisers and to fight back against suspect ad practices.

It’s important to remember these updates to the consumer ad experience are also vital to the success of e-commerce stores using the platform to help sell products. If stores neglect taking steps to improve the customer experience, it could even lead to being banned from advertising on Facebook altogether.

Facebook will initially help guide businesses receiving negative feedback in an effort to improve the experience of customers. But if progress is not shown, the social media platform has stated it will begin restricting the number of ads a business can run. And then ultimately, Facebook has said an extensive track record of negative feedback can lead to being banned as an advertiser.

How to Avoid Negative Reviews on Facebook

For advertisers, Facebook supplies you with a monthly satisfaction score. The 0-to-5 scale gives you a detailed picture of what you’re doing well and where you may be failing in keeping customers happy.

No e-commerce store is immune to negative reviews. If you’re in the business long enough, it’s going to happen. However, there are some simple, but important, ways to avoid the negative feedback from piling up and keep your satisfaction score high.

According to Facebook, the most common complaints from consumers centered around a lack of honesty. Issues such as inaccuracies in the advertised shipping process, or products that don’t quite end up being what they seem are a clear path to receiving negative feedback. So if you’re advertising to drive sales on Facebook, you’d better not risk pushing a message that you may fail to deliver on. This really just sounds like common sense customer service, but it’s worth noting if that’s what Facebook is describing as the top complaint.

Also, remember your inventory must be aligned with advertising. If you’re running a highly effective Facebook ad campaign, it’s not going to matter much if your supply doesn’t meet your demand. And, eventually, that can directly lead to negative customer feedback.

Here’s the bottom line: If you take your monthly satisfaction score seriously and follow the best customer service practices to keep it strong, you’ll remain in healthy standing as a Facebook advertiser.