How Your E-Commerce Brand Can Make a Great First Impression

Posted on December 7, 2018

First impressions have incredible strength in nearly every aspect of our lives. That’s simply a product of how we’re wired, and it’s no different in e-commerce.

If your online business is failing to make a positive first impression, your bottom line is missing out as a result. But there’s no need to fear first impressions because while they can be detrimental, they can be equally beneficial to success in e-commerce.

Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression – with investors, with customers, with PR, and with marketing. — Natalie Massenet

Here are a few of the things your e-commerce store needs to be focusing on to give a positive first impression:

Time is precious

Everyone wants to feel as if their time is being valued. We only have so much of it in a day, and most of us spend it trying to cram in everything we need to get done. This why your e-commerce site can’t afford to leave people waiting. How quickly your website loads is, quite obviously, the very first impression you are going to make with a consumer. Almost every shopper will leave your site if load times do not meet expectations. The ideal goal you need to be hitting is 2 seconds or less as an estimated 40 percent of consumers reported abandoning a website if loading takes more than 3 seconds. Speed is also important with navigation throughout your site. Nearly half of all consumers say responsiveness and usability are the most important things they look for from an e-commerce site.

No one is waiting around for your website to load properly. If they have to, you’re likely to have missed your opportunity and will quickly be forgotten.

Appealing design

The credibility of your e-commerce brand is being decided by 75 percent of customers based primarily on its overall design. This can be leveraged for success by produced highly-appealing landing pages or other pages in which you’re directing consumers. You need to use impressive images and headers that grab visitors immediately. The appeal needs to be evident right away because research has shown it takes just 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an initial opinion about your site.

Don’t forget about content

Providing quick loading times, easy navigation, and appealing design are the immediate aspects that must be addressed for making a great first impression. If those things are in order, the next step in this test is content. This includes minor things, such as updating the copyright date or making sure your font isn’t outdated. It may also include potentially adding customer feedback to your site. Such reviews can go a long way toward showing visitors right away how others feel about your brand. That’s information they want. You should also consider a blog. In addition to being a tool that can help you drive traffic and enhance SEO, a blog can prove to consumers immediately you’re an expert in the niche where you exist.


You only get one opportunity to make a powerful first impression. First and foremost, ensure everything you’re doing to make a good first impression aligns with your brand. What works best for another e-commerce store isn’t necessarily what works best for your brand. Start simple, don’t try to ramp things up too quickly, and never stop measuring and testing the effectiveness of what you’re doing.