E-Commerce Marketing: How to Use Offline Tactics to Drive Online Sales

Posted on November 21, 2018

E-commerce marketers are always looking for the next online tool they can leverage for success, and understandably so. It feels like there’s a new social media platform or update to an existing one every day. These changes in the e-commerce landscape cannot be ignored.

But don’t forget there are more e-commerce marketing options than just your online strategies. There are plenty of ways for businesses to boost e-commerce sales through an offline marketing approach.

We recently received feedback from several marketers with first-hand experience at going offline to increase online success. Here are a few of the best responses we received:

Joe Sloan, Marketing & Communications at Jurassic Sands

Joe Sloan is the marketing and communications coordinator for Jurassic Sands — a small company with customers nationwide that has been in business for 25 years specializing in play sand for children. Here’s what Joe had to say about what they are doing to use offline marketing tactics to drive online sales:

Every Fourth of July, we donate our services to a local event that sets off fireworks at night but during the day has activities for kids. We help them create a huge sandbox filled with toys that parents and children can enjoy. Besides giving back to our community, we pass out special local discount coupons so we can track the number of sales that came from the event.

Another way we give back is by donating to a local botanical garden. Red Butte Gardens has a sandbox in their children’s section and we donate new sand every year. In return, they have a little plaque that says donation by “Jurassic Sands.” This one is difficult to track direct sales from, but it is great local brand awareness and helps parents discover us.

Anthony Limpert, CEO at Clickflame.com

Anthony Limpert is the CEO  Clickflame, a digital marketing company specializing in SEO.  Here’s what Anthony had to say about using offline marketing tactics to drive online sales:

One of the easiest things we’ve done offline to boost sales of our main online e-commerce vertical (YOUMECBD) is including a discount code in every product we send out. By getting consumers who order to share this coupon code on social media or with their associates, it gets an even further boost. It seems like a simple step to include a printed coupon code card with every package you send out, but many companies we meet have not thought of this yet. In combination with this, we also include a couple of stickers and find that this leads to even more social tagging online. When print meets digital, you really can get some great results.

Utilizing these print materials we’ve pushed out affiliate programs, referral bonuses, free products, and giveaways. Many partners who sell their products on our CBD website also will start their campaigns with us by sending a few hundred free items to be sent out to our customers who are already buying similar products from us. When these partners also include their printed materials for the campaign, they get much better results and grow their customer base even quicker. Something as simple as asking people to post a photo of their items, a sticker, and tagging your company online can accelerate e-commerce growth more than many other things we do every day as website entrepreneurs.

Jon Rhodes, Owner at HypnoBusters

Jon Rhodes is a clinical hypnotherapist and owner of HypnoBusters, a site selling hypnosis audio downloads with the goal of helping consumers improve several aspects of their lives. Here’s what Jon had to say about using offline marketing tactics to drive online sales:

The best offline tactic I have used to drive sales is leaflet marketing. My niche is hypnotherapy, so I choose locations that are known for being more “alternative” and open-minded. I then go and physically drop leaflets through there doors.

These leaflets tell all about our hypnotherapy products and what we do. They also contain a discount code in nice big letters that stand out on the page. (A discount always helps sales!) The code is also useful as it allows us to track the sales that are generated through the leaflet distribution. This has proven to be a great way to generate quick sales.

Note: The views expressed in this article are strictly those of the contributors and independent of Engine.