E-Commerce Strategy: How to Turn Holiday Buyers Into Loyal Customers

Posted on December 12, 2018

This is a guest post from Abhishek Biswas. He a content writer at Orderhive, an inventory management tool helping retailers automate and manage inventory. The views expressed in this article are independent of Engine E-Commerce.

When it comes to converting your random or holiday visitors into your regular buyers, there are few essential things to be noted. During the holiday season, your e-commerce site might be having a huge amount of traffic. That’s great and all but if you haven’t captured the data, then you’re doing it all wrong. Collecting information, such as name and email, from your visitors helps you pitch your product more effectively in the future.

According to data by Digital Information World, remarketing has immense power.

  • Conversion rates increased by 147% for sellers who practiced remarketing.
  • The average click-through rate (CTR) rises up to 10x for retargeting ads.
  • Retargeting also reduces cart abandonment by 26%.

Here are some things to consider doing in your remarketing efforts:

  • Send them “thank-you” message for buying from you.
  • Offer some cool incentives or coupons during their birthdays.
  • If you had holiday visitors who were not able to purchase a product because it was out of stock, you can re-target them by sending back-in-stock emails.
  • Analyze your consumer’s buying behavior (i.e. what type of product they bought most frequent during the holidays) and send them offers and discounts for related items of that product.
  • Keep them engaged! Your buyers are pro-active. If they don’t find the product they’re looking, they’ll immediately abandon your site and look for it somewhere else. You must know what your buyers are looking for by observing and studying the data. Accordingly, keep sending emails for the appropriate products.

To drive your customers for second purchase, consider this:

  • Personalized emails with product recommendations.
  • A loyalty program that includes rewards for every purchase.
  • Retargeting ads on social channels for specific products.
  • Finally, ask them for feedback. This makes your buyers feel that you really care for them, and you can provide them with a gift card in exchange for feedback.