How Email Automation Can Become 25% of Your Revenue

Posted on February 13, 2019

Is a quarter of your revenue coming from email automation? It is? Great. Keep doing what you’re doing and stop reading.

If you’re still reading, you’re in luck. Engine Mail is the email platform that will allow your e-commerce business to achieve 25% of overall revenue via email automation alone.

Engine Mail is a product built by e-commerce veterans for e-commerce stores aiming to achieve serious growth. If you’re only wanting to do the very basic, simple things that don’t necessarily make a significant impact on your business, stick with a different email product. But if you take marketing and the growth of your business seriously, Engine Mail is the tool you need.

As soon as you get this product, you immediately possess everything you need to perform the highest level of email automation. The best practices are built into the platform. Engine Mail is software with an opinion, and those opinions were shaped by the 25 years the brains behind Engine Mail have spent in e-commerce.

The creators know what works. They’ve done it themselves and they’ve had thousands of conversations with many others who have done the same. All of that knowledge and those conversations are baked into Engine Mail.

This formula of experience-dictated best practices gives e-commerce businesses the friendliest user experience of any email product on the market. The ease of use is something you will not find with the many run-of-the-mill email products. Engine Mail is truly one of a kind.

For many e-commerce stores, being able to increase email automation to 25 percent of all revenue would revolutionize their business for the better. Engine Mail is the golden opportunity you’ve been searching for within your marketing process.

If you don’t want your email automation to take your business to new heights, ignore this opportunity. But if you’re ready to start producing the best email results you’ve ever seen, set up a call with Engine by clicking here or reaching out via email. Your business won’t regret it.