Email Automation: Why Your E-Commerce Store Needs It

Posted on February 3, 2019

In an e-commerce landscape seemingly full of flashy emerging marketing channels, email automation stands out as a powerhouse. Why? Well, to put it in the most simple terms possible, because almost everyone has an active email address.

There were an estimated 3.7 billion email users, nearly half the world’s population, as of 2017. That number is projected to hit 4.3 billion by 2022.

That’s a LOT of people, sure, but how many of them actually care to interact with an e-commerce store via email? An impressive amount. One particular survey revealed 63% of Millennials list email as their go-to choice for interacting with retailers.

We could go on and on with statistics stating the case for email automation as the champion of online marketing. In fact, let’s share some more eye-popping facts just to hammer home the point a little more:

  • Automated emails have a 70% higher open rate than standard marketing emails. (Epsilon)
  • Click through rates are 152% higher for automated emails than generic marketing emails. (Epsilon)
  • Conversions increased by 77% for automation users. (Lenskold Group)

Are you now convinced of the power email automation holds? If not, you’re really good at being ridiculously stubborn.

Email automation is easily one of the best ways to reach a wide range of customers with relevant and timely messages that produce results. That’s something every e-commerce store should be aiming to accomplish on a daily basis.

Email automation is centered around personalization and the up-to-the-moment stage of a customer’s life cycle. Even among your qualified leads, a large number of them may not be ready to complete a purchase right away. With email automation, that’s fine. The process can help move those uncertain subscribers along to ensure your brand stands to benefit when they are ready to make a purchase.

It’s pretty clear if your e-commerce store doesn’t have an email automation plan in place, you’re leaving money on the table. One-off, batch-and-blast campaigns still have their place in some instances, particularly if you’re just getting started and trying to feel out your audience. But the gold standard is building an email marketing plan that is easy to use and highly relevant to the consumer. That gold standard is email automation.

How Engine Mail can help

Engine Mail was built by e-commerce veterans based on their past experiences in online retail. The aim is to provide an email automation product that is superior to anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Our primary goal throughout that process has been ease of use. We understand we’re competing in a landscape full of complex, confusing, and overdone email products. We’ve made sure Engine Mail isn’t falling into that category. The Engine team has taken what they know best throughout years of navigating in e-commerce and manufactured a product around email automation that is easy to understand and use.

If you’re serious about accelerating growth through email automation, set up a call with us by clicking here or reaching out via email. Your business will thank you later.