Email Capture Strategies to Skyrocket Your Subscriber List

Posted on February 4, 2019

Building a high-quality email list can be invaluable for your brand. But if you want to turn email into a serious revenue generator, you’re going to need to collect email addresses. Enter: email capture pop-ups.

There are two email capture pop-up strategies that we believe deliver the best results: timed and exit-intent pop-ups. We will also cover how clever copy and creative can be an absolute game-changer within this process.


Not so fast! Looking to increase your email subscribers by almost 600%?
Enter: the exit-intent pop-up. Just as you might expect, an exit-intent pop-up appears when a user signals an intention to exit your site.

Exit-intent pop-ups quite literally stop people in their tracks. With appealing copy and creative, you can take a user that’s a mere second from leaving your site to giving you their email for a deal they ideally won’t be able to resist.


Another great email capture technique, a timed pop-up, reveals itself to a user after they’ve spent a set amount of time on a website or page.

Timed pop-ups are great at sifting through your lower-quality traffic. If someone leaves your site after just five seconds, they surely can’t be THAT interested in your products/offers. Leave those disinterested email leads to the competition.

The right timing is everything here. Show your pop-up too soon and you may disengage your visitors. Show it too late and your visitors might have already left or maybe they’re so enthralled with your content that getting sidtracked is an annoyance. Our timing recommendation is 15 seconds. Not too short, not too long, but just right.

Copy & Creative Is Everything

The most important aspect of your email capture forms just might be your copy and creative. Giving up your email has become more intimate than ever before. Consumers are getting smarter and avoiding anything they don’t truly consider valuable.

Fear not. Your copy and creative can go a long way towards standing out from the masses and giving your users a real, genuine brand experience.

Be genuine. Be funny. Be different. You’ll be capturing emails in no time.

How Engine Mail can help

Engine Mail was built by e-commerce veterans based on their past experiences. The aim is to provide an email automation product that is superior to anything you’ll find elsewhere. This means once you’ve captured those emails, you’ll have everything you need to drive results.

Our core mission in that process has been ease of use. We understand we’re competing in a world full of complexity and confusion where a large number of email products are overdone. That’s not Engine Mail. We’ve taken what we know best during our years of navigating the e-commerce landscape and created a product around email automation that is easy to understand and deploy.

We understand time is your most precious asset. Set up a call with us by clicking here or reaching out via email. In just 15 minutes, we will create killer email flows for you. Your business will never be the same.