Engine Partners with Magma Labs

Posted on September 6, 2019

After building the Engine ecommerce platform and testing with several beta clients for the past two years, we’re excited to open to outside developers.

As we prepared for this huge release, we thought long and hard about our ideal launch partners.  In the coming weeks, we’ll announce an incredibly impressive roster of ecommerce development agencies who have joined the Engine team.

The honor of being our first partner, however, was an absolute no-brainer — I’m proud to announce Magma Labs as our first official agency partner.  In addition to being our first launch partner, the Magma team will be responsible for training and onboarding additional Engine agencies in Latin America.  

We’ve known their team for a couple years, and have been blown away by their work and professionalism.  Our teams have worked together on the Solidus open source project on which Engine is built, and Magma has built several features into our platform.  They are the largest, most respected ecommerce development shop in all of Latin America. With offices in Los Angeles, Toronto, Guadalajara, etc — their reach spans half the globe.

Earlier this month, I visited their headquarters in beautiful Colima, Mexico.  Spending a week near the Pacific coast in the shadow of a mythic 12,500 foot volcano was truly awe inspiring.  

The place was special, but not as special as the people.  

Business south of the border is a fantastic experience.  It’s unlike anything we do in the US. Our meeting started with a three hour lunch featuring bottles of tequila and mezcal, but it was much, much deeper than that.  The hospitality I experienced was akin to being welcomed back into a long lost family I’d never met. A family that didn’t look like me, talk like me, or seem to care about the ridiculous political squabbles between our two countries.  My hosts took the time to get deeply acquainted with our team in a very genuine way. It was relaxed. It was fun. It was eye opening. In Mexico, business moves at the speed of trust. And mutual trust is built slowly, deliberately, and thoughtfully.

Rather than rush through formalities, our meeting continued with a two hour session on business culture.  They wanted to expose us to their amazing family-like atmosphere and share their overarching business mission and objectives.  Additionally, they wanted to learn about Engine’s culture, and make absolutely sure we were a fit.

Like Engine, their leadership team is driven to utilize their platform earned through business excellence to give back to their community.  As a single example of many such initiatives, Magma has turned Colima into a “hotbed” of Ruby on Rails talent through their Bright Coders coding boot camp.  They take recent computer science graduates and teach them how to really code. It wouldn’t surprise me if Colima becomes the Silicon Valley of Mexico, largely due to the efforts of Carlos, Edwin, Joe and the rest of the Magma Labs team.

All that said, I’m humbled and honored to announce a powerful partnership between Engine and Magma Labs – the preeminent ecommerce agency in all of Latin America!