Are You a Mailchimp User Looking to Stay on Shopify?

Posted on March 22, 2019

Mailchimp and Shopify have officially announced a breakup. Effective immediately, the Mailchimp email platform will no longer be included as an integration available to users of Shopify’s e-commerce platform.

That’s not ideal for the more than 800,000 store owners relying on Shopify as their platform of choice. The more options, the better—for everyone.

Obviously, it’s even worse news for Mailchimp users on Shopify. But, don’t worry, because your email marketing can remain smooth and effective while staying on Shopify. Engine Mail is precisely the solution to help you get that done.

Engine Mail-shopify-mailchimp

Engine Mail provides the absolute best in email automation. It’s an email product that arrives at your fingertips with the best practices specifically for e-commerce already baked into the software. It has an opinion on what works best, making automated emails easier than ever to build, deploy, and forget. That opinion was formed by a leadership team with 25 years of experience building e-commerce brands and helping others do the same.

As it relates to Mailchimp, Engine Mail has many similarities. If you’ve been running welcome series, abandoned cart, and product view email flows, that won’t change with Engine Mail. You’ll be able to continue these automations as easy as you were with Mailchimp.

Additionally, Engine Mail goes even a step further. Your automated emails will come pre-written with an opinion. The best practices are built into the software, helping guide you on the right path. If you need to make a few tweaks specific to your brand, that’s certainly possible, but you’ll at least have the right idea from the beginning. Once you’ve set things up, it’s all ready to run on auto-pilot.V

If Engine Mail is for you, set up a call with our team by clicking the button above to schedule a demo or reach out via email. Whether you end up working with us or not, we promise to leave your business better than we found it.