Facebook Advertising: The HUGE Change with Image Placement for Mobile

Posted on November 9, 2018

The emphasis on mobile in Facebook advertising is becoming increasingly important by the day. Among Facebook users, 95.1 percent accessed the social media network via smartphone during a one-month span earlier this year. Americans spend 19 percent of their time on mobile browsing Facebook, far more than any other app.

Clearly, we have reached a time in which having a practical mobile approach to your Facebook advertising campaign is a must. Fortunately, there’s some very good recent news that is going to make things even better for advertisers.

Facebook recently made 1:1 image placement on link advertisements available for the first time. This is perfect for mobile as it’s a significant upgrade from the traditional 1:1.91 image placement option.

The key difference: more real estate. The 1:1 images (square) will appear much larger when scrolling through Facebook on a smartphone than the traditional 1:1.91 (rectangle) format. Here’s a good look at what’s new and how it’s optimized for mobile:

Facebook ads
Photo via Twitter/@stevenjohns21

It’s easy, too, as the process for creating a 1:1 advertisement is no different than what’s always been in place. The most important thing you need to be aware of is having an image that fits the square placement.

The new 1:1 ratio also translates very well to Instagram, which has always been about taking the mobile-first approach. Essentially, your Facebook ads will blend in much better on Instagram as opposed to the traditional placement size. The 1:1.91 Facebook advertisements unsurprisingly had a tendency to appear out of place when displayed on Instagram’s feed.

In case you are a big fan of the 1:1.91 placements, don’t worry. Those aren’t going anywhere. This is simply a move to create more options when it comes to image placements with Facebook advertising. It’s the social media platform listening to what its advertisers have been calling for as mobile has become increasingly essential.