4 A/B Tests to Use on Your Product Page Today

Posted on November 7, 2017

I want to share a few actionable A/B tests for your product page that you can implement or test today.

With so much on your site to test, it can be really overwhelming to nail down a good action plan for testing. Take one of these as a starting point and start to test it today. Let it run and ensure you are reaching significance for your audience. Let us know your results!

  1. Place product review stars below title

    Try moving your product review stars below the title of your product–this brings immediate social validation to one of the most significant portions of your product page. Test this against your current setup and I bet you’ll see a higher-add-to-cart rate or at the very least, more review engagements.

  2. Hidden product descriptions

    Sometimes a large product description can distract the shopper from what you are trying to sell. Longform product descriptions are valuable for SEO, but try hiding them in an expandable div. Look at how much cleaner this product page looks when the description is minimized! We even got the added benefit of having the add-to-cart button above the fold.



  3. Lifestyle or UGC images in gallery

    Here’s a great test to try out that shouldn’t be too time consuming. Try hand picking a few of your favorite UGC images you’ve come across on social media and featuring them on one of your product pages. Showing your products in use or as lifestyle images provides immediate social proof. MVMT executes this pattern really well.

  4. Create urgency and show inventory status

    This final one can be great as we approach the big Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal season. Giving the shopper visibility into your inventory and creating a sense of urgency can create impulse conversions. Amazon rocks this one and while you’ve probably already seen this pattern, here it is again anyways