How Casper DOUBLED Their Net Mattress Sales With A Single Post

Posted on April 6, 2018

What if I told you that you could double the revenue of your company with a single tactic. You’d probably be thinking “this guy is a snake oil salesman,” and you have every right to think that.

In reality, wins like this are the exception, not the rule. But let’s be honest, who wants to play towards the unextraordinary? Casper didn’t, and it worked out well for them. With a single post in 2015, Casper was able to double their net sales as part of their go to market strategy. So, let’s take a look under the hood.

The influencer we are going to look at in particular is Kylie Jenner. Here is that post,

With 875k likes and thousands of comments, it is easy to see the leverage Kylie has with her audience. Casper recognized this whitespace (influencer marketing) in 2015 and used it to ramp from a $100m run rate in 2015 to over $200m in 2016. That type of growth is not uncommon for companies willing to take the risk on a “new” form of marketing.

What is interesting is that influencer marketing is not a new strategy. From the dawn of age, we have been influenced to do things by tastemakers. We love to emulate people we admire, people that have influence over us. From the time we look up to our parents to when we look up to tekashi 6ix9ine… wait, we messed up… go back (if you don’t know who tekashi 6ix9ine is see below).

The Takeaway

If you’re bold enough to start a new company, build to be extraordinary. An easy way to do that is to take risks with your marketing (even though influencer marketing should not be considered risky). For more information on influencer marketing check out our youtube channel for a few hours of content on how to plan, build, and execute your next influencer campaign.