How do I Make a Viral Marketing Video for My Ecommerce Business?

Posted on January 10, 2018


Question: Our last question is about making a viral marketing video. This user asks: I understand the viral marketing is slowly getting stronger, is there a key recipe for creating a viral marketing video?

John: Well first let’s do a…is this an endeavor actually worth pursuing? So if we had a whiteboard here what we could do is clear off all the space and we can let’s do this, let’s list all the viral videos for an e-commerce company that have gone viral just because they’re incredible content and I’ll start and then you know whoever is left holding the bag has to do some menial task right here so I’ll start, Dollar Shave Club, your turn…see we’re done, there are no others, you are not Michael Dubin, he’s an incredible stand-up comedian.

John Max: Sketch comedian.

John: you know, exactly! who is fantastic so… But there are ways to go semi-viral, and it starts with…you tell the story, how would you take an almost as good as a Dollar Shave Club and get it to go out?

John Max: Yeah, so I’m going to speak to what I know here, I am not a creative genius, so I can’t tell you…like the video got to be good, so we’re going to make the assumption that your video is great, there’s a few ways that you can you can create virality, and the term for it is seating, so video seating. Talking about Dollar Shave Club, that’s what Michael did before he started Dollar Shave Club, so kind of who flew naturally there, if you have a small budget you have to hack it, and I don’t encourage you to do this, but you know if the means come to it, you got to do it you go and you buy a hundred thousand views and you buy one hundred thousand likes on a Facebook video and you let it run, you turn the video on, you apply the likes that page ID, post ID and see what happens there, if you have a little more money and a little more time, you reach out to taste makers, influencers, people who have an audience that that content would resonate with and you give them two weeks and you say hey all pay you a C.P.M. of fifteen dollars if you share my video on my…show my video on your channel and you do that across an entire width of people and you post a video, they relink, they share it and then it just grows from there, if the content’s good.

John: yeah, so that the concept of viral coefficient is important to understand here because everyone talks about ‘Oh, I wanna go viral’ and I did as well until I started doing the math on this, so if you look at a viral coefficient, let’s say your viral coefficient is 1.01, well great, you just took over the world, and what that means is every person that comes in tells another 1.01 people, and then that next generation people tell 1.01 people or 1.1 or whatever the number is and that spirals out of control very quickly, because the internet runs through these cycles very, very quickly and then you end up taking over the planet and getting full exposure, now the highest I’ve ever gotten, after you take the first generation, second generation, third generation, that first person that came in infected 0.76 additional people, now it didn’t go viral but tell you what it did, it allowed us to spend X. Dollars of money on marketing and get 76% greater effect, I mean it’s unbelievable how well that but it’s just a factor of making your case for clicks less expensive, so yeah don’t go out and try and create a viral video, it ain’t gonna work most likely, but do go out and create videos with those elements, those are good quality, highly engaging videos, and if it’s seen by the right people, maybe it does start to go viral within a very small, little group of people, and those are the people going to buy the product.

John Max:  yeah, I think that to wrap this episode up and, I mean, and this question when you start having conversations about how to hack an algorithm, how to hack a viral video, you’ve got to realize that, and it goes back to that how do you sell a business from yesterday, if you’re creating an amazing, unique thing, it is going to be viral, if you’re if you’re building a great…the best product wins, like you need to focus on the content, you need to focus on the product, you don’t need to focus on gaming the algorithm.

John: That’s right, absolutely.