Influencer Marketing: Steven Adams & Beef is Brilliant

Posted on January 15, 2019

Influencer marketing can be tricky. Brands are attempting to find someone who is a proper and profitable voice to represent them while ideally not breaking the bank. But if it’s done correctly, influencer marketing can have immense benefits.

Every once in a while I come across a new brand/influencer marriage that I find absolutely brilliant. (See: Post Malone and Crocs or Patrick Mahomes and Hunt’s Ketchup.) The latest example is NBA center Steven Adams and the Oklahoma Beef Council. I’ll get into the details in a second, but here’s a recently released commercial I can’t wait any longer to show you:

“Mate, I eat beef all the time. I smash steaks, y’know? All the bloody time, mate. I just smash them because they taste really good.”

Steven Adams, Oklahoma City Thunder center

What an amazing quote from the 7-foot, 255-pound New Zealand native. I’ve never heard anyone describe steak so … eloquently.  

If you’re unfamiliar with the NBA, now is the time to tell you Adams plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. It’s the only professional sports team in the entire state so while allegiances in college sports may be split, just about every Oklahoman agrees on the Thunder. Adams is easily one of the most beloved players on the team.

The Oklahoma Beef Council announced the partnership by advising people to “be like Steven Adams and #SmashSteaks.” Well, you know who represents a large portion of the Oklahoma Beef Council’s target audience? Thunder fans. And you know who wants to be like Steven Adams? Thunder fans. I mean, the guy has a mural of his face plastered on the side of building in downtown OKC.

Steven Adams-influencer marketing-Oklahoma Beef Council

The affection for Adams comes initially from his play on the court. He’s averaging an impressive 15 points and 10 rebounds this season while serving as a tough, respected presence for the Thunder. But as he’s grown up off the court in Oklahoma City, he’s become known for his quick wit and dry sense of humor.

So to recap, we have a beloved massive basketball player with a fun sense of humor and a Kiwi accent talking about “smashing” beef. Amazing.

It’s a pretty sweet deal for Adams, too. Reports state in addition to monetary compensation, he’ll receive 10 pounds of prime cut Oklahoma steaks every month he plays for the Thunder. With Adams under contract through at least 2021, that’s a lot of steaks. The only thing that could’ve made this better is if Adams was set to be a free agent this summer and the Oklahoma Beef Council swooped in with some extra incentive to stay in OKC.