Is that entry popup killing conversions on your ecommerce site?

Posted on April 9, 2018

We all have seen them, we probably have all run a campaign with them … the dreaded on-site-entry popup. It waits a few seconds and then BAM. It gets ya when you scroll down. How often have you used one of these lines: “Want an extra 15% off?” … “New to the site? Here’s a coupon!”

eCommerce marketers often leverage this tried and true method of increasing first time visitor email capture and can see some great results. Sites can capture an email and then remarket to that visitor easily without them having to make a purchase. Just the thought behind missing out on savings can usually be enough to get a visitor to hand over their email.

However, several new tests are showing that these popups might be hurting your conversion rate, not helping it. Inflow even found that these on-site visit popups are killing conversion rates for return visitors. It’s no coincidence–getting hit with that same popup over and over is absolutely annoying. It’s time to balance the value of an email right away over a knee-jerk purchase that gets you that email anyways. This article from Inflow is fantastic in-depth breakdown for all stores that have popups on their homepage.

There’s a nice gold nugget of an alternative solution at the end of the article as well. The “Pushdown” — something that a few of our portfolio sites have been embracing and seeing fantastic results from.