March Madness: The 185 Million Eyeball Extravaganza

Posted on March 6, 2018

The feeling is in the air, its March Madness time again. Everybody dust off your sports jerseys, schedule your vasectomies and install that 82-inch TV you’ve been itching to purchase from Sam’s club.

The same feeling Duke fans get at the beginning of March, I get about event activations during this time of year. You see, event activations are one of the most underused marketing tactics in my opinion. A great activation leaves a true imprint on the consumer, and it can generate a massive amount of affinity for a brand.

In this wrap-up, we are going to cover 2 event activations that are “buzzer beaters” for us marketing nerds.

  1. The Nike Tinker Release
    1. This release was special. For the first time in history, a product was able to be purchased native to Snapchat, and it caught a buzz. But to me, the details are what made this activation so special.
    2. That detail was the partnership with Darkstore. Not only was the checkout experience incredible, but the ones who purchased found their shoes on their doorstep THAT NIGHT. Talk about an amazing delivery. This is a view into the future of ecommerce, which doesn’t stop at checkout. The ability to wow your customers with real-time delivery is going to be a game changer.
  2. One Night and Casper Hotel
    1. This is a beautiful story of how 3 companies came together to create a wonderful experience for their shared consumer. Let’s set the scene. Standard Hotel created the “One Night App”, which allows travelers to book a hotel at the last minute hassle free. During SXSW, Casper and Tesla decided to join in on the fun by bringing in mattresses as well as cars to transport people to and from the conference. The neat part about this was the extra detail the hotel and Casper brought in. “
      1. All rooms are equipped with Casper mattresses and milk and cookies. And, if you request it, an on-site “mom” will come and tuck you in and read you a bedtime story.”
    2. Now that is a nice touch, who doesn’t remember being tucked in by their mother.

Notice we mention the details that bring these activations home. Realize that with everything the details matter, even a glass of cold milk and a warm cookie.