Netflix, Glossier & You: Data Is Everything

Posted on January 6, 2019

Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, a choose-your-own-adventure thriller, has caught its’ viewers by storm and created a massive opportunity for the future of content and commerce.

In the film, viewers make decisions for the main character, altering his decisions and thus, his entire life along the way.

The first of many choices viewers make is what cereal the young programmer will eat for breakfast, Frosted Flakes or Sugar Puffs? Low-hanging fruit? Sure. But this reveals a powerful marketing tactic Netflix can deploy: programmatic product placement.

Enter Netflix: a data company.

Believe it or not, Netflix has been a data company longer than a content company. It’s personalized recommendation software was one of its first true key features. Netflix was able to finely target you based on your viewing tastes. Better understanding their users actions was monumental in building their customer base and guiding future content creation.

By gathering more-intimate customer decisions in their new feature, Bandersnatch, Netflix can gather even greater insights into trends and consumer behavior than ever before.

While what, when and how long you watched used to be at the fore-front of their data collection, this next-level content will better indicate real-life decision-making such as purchasing, creative and behavioral trends.

Believe it or not, Netflix has been a data company longer than a content company.

Welcome to 2019, where content meets commerce. But what about your favorite e-commerce brands?

Let’s take a look at the beauty brand everyone is talking about, Glossier.

Glossier was founded on the principle that there’s an ever-growing disconnect between major brands and consumers, a gap that could be bridged if brands just.. listened.

What would happen if you used social platforms and our society’s knack for sharing every little aspect of our lives to truly have open and honest conversations?

What would happen if you actually gave individuals a voice?

“The shopping experience is even more broken and lacking for beauty products than what we initially believed,” Glossier’s founder and CEO, Emily Weiss, said at Recode’s Code Commerce conference in New York. “You have e-commerce — as a definition, pretty much synonymous with Amazon, since it’s 50 percent of U.S. e-commerce. It’s all about the breadth of product. What you don’t have is an e-commerce experience that’s focused on depth of connection.”

True connection stems from creation itself. We believe the brands of the future will be co-created.

It’s no longer enough to offer fast or free shipping or to rely solely on the quality of your products.

In order to be a successful brand you must give your consumers an experience that they cannot get elsewhere.

Amazon’s competitive advantages have been commoditized. Fewer clicks, fewer dollars and fewer days to deliver are offered by almost all e-commerce brands.

What has yet to be fully realized is the potential to leverage tech to create and maintain relationships with customers at scale.

Some may call it, the ultimate customer shopping experience (or viewing experience if you’re Netflix.)

Not having to make decisions for anyone other than the end-user has driven D2C brands like Glossier, Warby Parker and MVMT to up-end industry mainstays and lead a new-frontier into the future of e-commerce.

Real, legitimate feedback.

Shared experiences.

Friends not just consumers.

Netflix is using your data to better entertain you.

Glossier is using your data to make you more confident.

The future of content and commerce is here and your data is shaping it.

Are you ready?