One Large Beverage Company’s Key To eCommerce Success


Bai has been seeing incredible growth online and has invested disproportionately in e-commerce. Bai owes much of the eCommerce success of this investment to marketing automation and a focus on retargeting.

According to the article, Bai’s approach included “…a customer review [that] was served to shoppers who were unaware or unfamiliar with Bai products; customers who had explored Bai products or placed one in their cart, but never made a purchase, were served with a coupon; and customers who had purchased a Bai product in the past were given the option to subscribe to that product to receive it on a monthly basis.”

This is the exact method of approach we’re wanting to see from larger retailers as they plunge into modern eCommerce. Social proof, retargeting, subscription services and a story to be told around the brand. If not for the massive supply chain and presence on most box retailers shelves, you might think Bai was out in the Valley just getting started.

For PNG and on-the-shelf brands, this approach to eCommerce isn’t too common yet but Bai is learning from the pure-play eCommerce scene and running into the future with some delicious flavored water.

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Blake is the Head of Product at Engine. Blake has worked for and with some of the largest ecommerce companies in Arkansas, growing teams and building digital products that have been used by millions. With a background in Computer Science and a passion for product and user experience, Blake leads the charge in building the next-generation ecommerce platform that is Engine.