Hey Monica, Are you leaving money on the table?

Watch this 1:20 video about the opportunity you have to add additional revenue by implementing a single tactic with ModaBox.

After I signed up for your email list, I noticed I was getting a general newsletter every couple of days.

In our last business, we did this as well. In the course of 90 days, we collected 11M email subscribers and 9M Facebook fans, and we wore it as a badge of honor that we were sending over. 100K emails a day.

But then, one of our junior marketers came up with the crazy idea that if someone clicked on a piece of content with Carrie Underwood wearing read boots, they might engage better with a personalized cascade revolving around Carrie Underwood and red boots. Not just a batch and blast newsletter.

As a result we were able to double our conversion rate, while spending 40% less.

What would that mean for your business?

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