Post-Purchase Emails: How to Use Them Effectively

Posted on February 12, 2019

Post-purchase emails aren’t often placed at the forefront of an email marketing automation plan. That’s typically reserved for the steps of email capture, executing a welcome series, recovering an abandoned cart, etc. 

But while an e-commerce business is trying to figure out those beginning stages of email marketing automation, it’s essential not to neglect the importance of post-purchase emails within that plan.

Converting a shopper into a customer is a difficult step that will drive sales in the immediate moment. Turning a customer into a loyalist is taking things a step future, and that’s how to drive sales over the long haul. It’s also where post-purchase emails become essential.

Here are a few things for e-commerce stores to keep in mind when it comes to the best tactics for post-purchase emails:

Order Confirmation

Order confirmation emails must be instantaneous. Consumers don’t want to wait for those details. It’s no different than a brick-and-mortar store providing an immediate receipt.

What order confirmation emails don’t have to be, however, is bland and boring. Certainly, the primary purpose is to provide the main relevant information. That includes what was purchased, the price total, when a tracking number may be coming, etc. Beyond that, including some branding reminders with a logo and within the copy is a great idea. It’s not overly complicated to do so with the correct email tools and it’s far more appealing than leaving things bland.

Also, it’s an absolute must to include any customer service contact points available. If you’re not making it easy for customers to contact you after a purchase, you’re not building toward gaining loyalist. 

Use the Customer Data

Just like so many other things in e-commerce, post-purchase emails should be dictated by customer data. Once a purchase has been made, use the knowledge gained to create the proper customer segments and work from there.

For example, let’s say the data from an apparel store reveals customers who bought a particular pair of shoes also purchased a particular pair of socks. The store would then be extremely wise to pitch the socks in a post-purchase email to every buyer of the shoes and vice versa.

And don’t fear sending such post-purchase emails too soon. If the content and creative within the messages is clearly centered around providing value, the customer will appreciate it. If nothing else, it shows your store is providing personalized and relevant offers. That’s value, not annoyance.

Be Honest and Forthcoming

The available logistics options within e-commerce have come a long way as demands have grown dramatically in recent years. At this point, cheap and fast shipping options have become an expectation, so it’s rather impressive what most fulfillment and shipping centers can accomplish. 

However, mistakes happen. And if they happen on your end, you need to be accountable. Whatever it may be that pops up, and something will if you’re in business long enough, be honest and forthcoming with customers when needed.

If you missed on your inventory estimates, don’t leave them in limbo wondering what’s going on with their order. Let them know an issue has been encountered and reassure them their item(s) are still coming soon. If soon isn’t a possibility, accept responsibility for the mistake and pass along a juicy discount for their next purchase. It’s far better to own up to it. A lot of customers, though they may not be the most outspoken, will appreciate the effort on some level.

How Engine Mail Can Help

Engine Mail was built by e-commerce veterans based on their past experiences in online retail. The aim is to provide an email automation product that is superior to anything you’ll find elsewhere. That includes the best possible tools for delivering high-quality post-purchase emails. 

Our primary goal throughout that process has been ease of use. We understand we’re competing in a landscape full of complex, confusing, and overdone email products. We’ve made sure Engine Mail isn’t falling into that category. The Engine team has taken what they know best throughout years of navigating the world of e-commerce and manufactured a product around email automation that is easy to understand and use.

We’re aware your most precious asset is time, so we won’t take more than 15 minutes of your time to create exceptional email flows for you. Set up a call with us by clicking here or reaching out via email. Your business will thank you later.