How to Get Around Shopify’s 100 Variation Limit

Posted on April 9, 2019

Shopify is a very useful e-commerce platform in many ways. It has reasonable pricing options for any size of business, it’s easy to use, it provides several high-quality design options, and much more.

However, absolutely none of these pros to using Shopify will matter if your e-commerce business needs to exceed 100 variations on its product(s). Shopify only allows variations up to that point. Go beyond that, and you’ll find a massive roadblock in front your momentum for growth.

For the group of e-commerce stores that definitely seek to exceed 100 variations, the limit is incredibly frustrating. There’s also an entirely different group of store owners that don’t know the potential they’re missing out on due to the limit.

Think about what this does to apparel stores. If you have a shirt in six sizes and 12 colors with long-sleeve and short-sleeve options, you’ll have to produce multiple product pages on Shopify. It can be far worse for those focusing specifically on women’s clothing as sizes can often far exceed the basic options.

The same is true for the booming e-commerce furniture market. A wide range of customizable pairings is a major factor in the appeal of buying furniture online. Those variations are clearly limited with Shopify.

This can be worked around with additional product pages, but that will come at the expense of your site speed as another page must be loaded. This also breaks up your SEO strength with your own product pages competing against each other rather than standing as strong singular pillars.

Fortunately, Engine is the e-commerce platform that can save you from the variation restriction. With Engine, you can keep all you love about Shopify — ease of use, high-quality theme options, many tools for increasing growth — while enjoying no variation limit. Every combination you can come up with is able to exist within one product page when using the Engine platform.

If you’re hitting that variation limit and need help with re-platforming, let’s talk. Set up a call with Engine by clicking here or contacting our sales team via email. Even if you don’t end up working with us, we promise you’ll leave any conversation better than we found you.